Affiliate Marketing – How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing business is based on the idea of promotion and referral of goods. That is to say you promote someone else’s product or service and then when a sale is made you receive a commission.

There are three kinds of commissions that you can receive

Pay per Sale (PPS), Pay per Click (PPC) and Pay per Lead (PPL).

Pay per Sale is the most common type of commission that affiliates get. For example you promote a product and each sale that is made you get a fixed amount of money. This can also be referred to as per sale fund.

The second most common type of commission that affiliates get is the pay per click model. The affiliate simply gets a dollar amount for each click that is made onto the product page.

Pay per Lead is the type that gets the dollar amount for each person that signs up to the site.

The beauty of the affiliate marketing business is that you do not need to ship a product to make a sale. The merchant also does not have to worry about shipping a product to the customer.

It is completely free traffic and if people like what they see they can click on a link to get more information.

This is where the affiliate benefits the most. Because of the way the business works the affiliate does not have to do much besides promote a product.

Therefore the hardest part of the business is promoting the product. Then once the product is promoted the affiliate does not have to worry about shipping or customer support or is it is after the sale is completed.

This is the sweet spot for a new affiliate. It is the sweet spot for a merchant because they don’t have to pay anything at the point of sale.

This is where some affiliates struggle because they make a sale and then they get charged by the merchant. That is what happens when you earn money and then stop promoting the product. You get charged.

When you stop promoting a product you get charged. This happens most often to people who stop promoting products on their web page. If the merchant did not have a code on their sales page then that is where you get charged. It happens to me all the time because my customer is trying to pay me and I am promoting a different product. It happens to me more than I would like because I stop promoting products then go back and promote them again.

I wish all of my promotions were such a simple thing that only I needed to do. It isn’t. The affiliate then has to worry about their customer’s experience when they click on a link. They also have to make sure their customer does not click on a link that is not meant for them. This is why I advise affiliates to leave their web pages alone and let the merchant do the marketing. If you want to be a success as an affiliate marketer then you must promote your web pages in an organized manner.

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